25 L Toshiba Microwave

Right-sized for any space, the Toshiba 25 L countertop microwave is the ideal solution for your small kitchen, dorm room or office break room.

  • Powerful 800 watts
  • 25 L Capacity
  • 6 pre-programmed settings
Black Stainless Steel
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Style Matters

Form Meets Function

Fashionably compact, this small microwave adds charm and style to your small space. Choose from timeless, stainless steel or our upward trending black stainless steel microwave.

Convenience Matters

Programmed for Ease

Pre-programmed settings for popcorn, potatoes, frozen vegetables, beverages, dinner plate and pizza take the guesswork out of preparing your favourite foods.

Performance Matters

Turn it Up

Enjoy 10 power levels delivering up to 900 watts of fast, efficient cooking time. Plus, the 10.6-inch diameter glass turntable rotates preventing hotspots and allows food to cook more evenly.


314 W x 347 D x 221 H
Net/Gross Weight
14 kg/13.6 kg
Black stainless steel
Rated Voltage
Capacity (BTUs)
25 L
Rated Input Power
1350W (Microwave)
Turntable Size
255 mm
Rated Output Power
800W (Microwave)